The Wind Farm Scam The Wind Farm Scam
John Etherington

The spectre of global warming and the political panic surrounding it has triggered a goldrush for renewable energy sources without an open discussion of the merits and drawbacks of each. In The Wind Farm Scam Dr Etherington argues that in the case of wind power the latter far outweigh the former. Wind turbines cannot generate enough energy to reduce global CO2 levels to a meaningful degree; what’s more wind power is by nature intermittent and cannot generate a steady output, necessitating back-up coal and gas power plants that significantly negate the saving of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the inefficacy of wind power there are ecological drawbacks, including damage to habitats, wildlife and the far-from-insignificant aesthetic drawback of the assault upon natural beauty and the pristine landscape, which wind turbines entail. Dr Etherington argues that wind power has been, and is being, excessively financed at the cost of consumers who have not been consulted, nor informed that this effective subsidy is being paid from their bills to support an industry that cannot be cost efficient or, ultimately, favour the cause it purports to support.

    John Etherington - THE AUTHOR: John Etherington was a Reader in Ecology at the University of Wales, Cardiff. Since his retirement from the University in 1990, he has devoted himself to researching the implications of intermittently available renewable electricity generation, in particular wind power.
He is a Thomas Huxley Medallist at the Royal College of Science and a former co-editor of the
International Journal of Ecology.

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Highly recommended as well:

From Civitas Press Release:
Green economic policies mean more pain than gain for Britain, according to a new Civitas report. The Green Mirage, by John Constable, finds claims that the low-carbon economy can deliver so-called 'green collar' jobs are staggeringly far-fetched and unsupported by official measures. .."

The Green Mirage, by John Constable

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artists against wind farms

what this site is about, and the inspiration behind it

Wind turbines have many drawbacks. They kill birds and bats, cause environmental damage, ruin the lives of many who live near them because of noise and other issues, and they cause division in communities between those who benefit financially from them, and those who may lose a large proportion of the value of their homes. For the full and technical arguments against wind farms, we recommend that anyone who would like to learn more about this subject goes to the excellent "The case against wind farms" by John Etherington (see second link below)

This however is a website about art, and powerful as all these other arguments are, we feel, as artists,  that the aesthetic argument against wind farms is important too, and should not be treated as if it is an irrelevance.  In an article that was one of the inspirations behind this site, Simon Jenkins argued that the precious landscapes of Britain are as valuable a part of our heritage as the greatest works of art. For this article, and others, go to the first link below.

Articles by Simon Jenkins, Robert Macfarlane and Cameron McNeish

"The case against wind farms" by John Etherington

This website gives artists an opportunity  to display their work, and also to say in their own words why they are fighting to save the landscapes that they love from industrialisation by giant wind turbines.

Artists whose work is not shown on this website but who have also spoken out against wind turbines

We do not have contact with these artists but we salute them for speaking out on this issue.
There are also other artists who support us quietly but do not wish - for various reasons - to show their work on this website.  We thank them as well.

Humphrey Price Jones

Lynda Barry

And - of course -
David Hockney
- a very prestigious Australian artist.
You can read more about him on this page of the blog:

Lynda Barry, famous cartoonist from Wisconsin:

David Hockney has spoken out strongly describing turbines as ugly.

Heinrich Schott
A famous German artist, who has made a video that we highlighted on our blog in July.  This link also includes links to YouTube videos of him at work.

A novel:

The Crosses of Aiolos

Grahame Sydney

Grahame Sydney (New Zealand) -
read his article in NZ Inspired magazine

Links to Protest Groups UK and worldwide

Protest in Wales 2007 (with link to video)

Cambrian Mountains Society

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Sculpture by Graham Lang

Graham Lang

see more

TGO Awards 2012

Country Guardian wins Environmental Award 2012

Protest in Wales 2011 - photos on our Facebook Page

Nant-y-Moch Protest 2009

Gallery of all artists

Selected artists

Bernard Dunstan
Diana Armfield
Angela Kelly
Roger Cecil
David Bellamy
Jenny Keal

Anne Campbell
Jon Macleod

Christine Lovelock

Phil Epp (USA)
Jon Boone (USA)
Keith Stelling (Canada)
Marion Chapman (Australia

From Canada -  photos of some beautiful quilts, sent by Norman and Sharon Schmidt

Norman wrote:
"I was very pleased to come across your website. It is reassuring to know there are others who feel like some of us do here. There are artists in our corner of the world who feel set upon and beleaguered, for the land we live on and the sky overhead, which holds a special place in the hearts of us artists, has been targeted for the construction of more than a hundred turbines by two wind power companies, against whom we are fighting a losing battle. Ours is a prairie landscape in the flat plains of an ancient lakebed in central Canada. The scale of the wide open expanse of the land and the immensity of the sky will be marred never to be enjoyed again if these projects go ahead. I was especially moved by the work of Phil Epp, who lives in a landscape not unlike ours. I'm attaching two pictures of artwork that my wife and I have done. The first is called "Garden Window With Yellow" and the second "Garden Window Sunburst." While we do not do landscapes as such, we are very much inspired by the natural order. We are quilters, among other things."

New Zealand artist sells defaced prints to fund wind farm protest


garden window

Go to their website  to see more of their work, including  kites and paper airplanes

The Wind Thing and Henry Lewis A walk round Devon`s wind farm sites

First Paint it day with Prof. David Bellamy
Postcards for sale

Paint it while its there day 2005

                Bellamy, Christine Lovelock, David Bellamy
David Bellamy (artist) Christine Lovelock (artist) and Professor David Bellamy
Wind Warriors
in Wales and
Youtube video

My walking boots
these boots are
made for

 walking round
wind farm sites

                Kelly and Ann West with Banner from Devon
Ann West and Angela Kelly, artist and Chairman of Country Guardian, with banner - read what Angela has to say.

All the artists and photographers whose work is shown on this site retain their own copyright,
and images cannot be reproduced without permission from the artist who produced the original work..

And last but not least, a Big Thank You  from Christine Lovelock who runs this website to Andrew Lovelock, David Curthoys and the late Mal Davies for their help in building this site.                             back