Photograph by Nick Lukey
Racing Tide Welsh Coast
Our most recent contributor:

Nick Lukey
Based in Derbyshire
Nick Lukey's page on this site

Clydach Gorge
Clydach Gorge, Wales

Tom Hutton
Tom Hutton's page on this site
Photograph by Don Brownlow of Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

Don Brownlow
Northumberland, but also with
connections to North Devon

Don Brownlow`s page on this site

Sheep Fair Field- The Roll Up
Sheep Fair Field - The Roll Up

Stella Levy
(North Devon)
Stella Levy`s page on this site

Awe winter
Near Loch Awe, Argyll
Karl Pipes
Karl Pipes' page on this site

Carl Ryan

See Carl Ryan`s photographs of Mynydd y Gwair , near Swansea
on theSOCME website, at this link,

Please do go to these links on the SOCME site to see the stunning photographs of Mynnydd y Gwair by both Carl and Diana.

Diana Fritsche

See Diana Fritsche`s  photographs of the Welsh mountains on this page
of the SOCME website, at this link