Looking back at Brent Tor

About Brent Tor

its history and geology
A horse came to say hello

Before the Start

Friday May 11th - down to Brent Tor and walk past turbine site
Painting by Chris Burchell

Artists I met on the walk

Egg-preserving pail and other paintings
by Chris and Yvonne Burchell

My father about to join me on the walk

"a sacred place..."

James Lovelock talking about Brent Tor

The Dartmoor Preservation Association
Brent Tor

Brent Tor

Chris and Yvonne Burchell

The people:

WIFLAG, the group that fought the turbines

The Turbine Site

The Public Inquiry
Cap with Country Guardian Logo, courtesy of Splash Clothing

Special thanks to

Country Guardian
and Splash Clothing
photo by Nic Randall

The official start of the walk

Saturday May 12th
Brent Tor to my father`s home near Ashwater                    back
A little painting of Brent Tor, for the Exhibition

Painting of Brent Tor

for the Exhibition at
the Queen`s Theatre