Bradworthy Square

About Bradworthy

the village and surroundings
signpost in Bradworthy Square 

Holsworthy to Bradworthy

Monday May 15th - second part of the walk from Ashwater on Monday
the turbines

Arriving at the turbines

turbine photos
accidents caused by
 wind turbines

we couldnt hear ourselves speak..


A farmer describes the noise

Astro Adventures and the area of darkness

2008 update
More turbines proposed:  Brandis Corner (near Holsworthy) and Chilla Moor (Halwill Junction)
Bradworthy turbines

Bradworthy - Forrest Moor

Marie Hutchings, with Paris
Marie Hutchings

BLOT, the protest group

 The Turbine Sites at Forrest Moor and Wheeler`s Cross

2007 update
More turbines threatened between Bradworthy and Torrington

Bradworthy turbines
Go the REF website to see
how much electricity these
turbines actually produce
Link to their pdf and find
Forest Moor on page 71
wheeler`s cross walk

Wheelers Cross

Tuesday May 16th  looking at the Wheeler`s Cross site and walking back   back
painting marie`s view back, from imagination

Painting Marie`s view back

for the Exhibition at
the Queen`s Theatre