Photos of the turbines, and links to information about turbine accidents

My first sight of the turbines, through the low cloud

Getting closer

Closer still

The gateway to the site: this is private property so I
was not able to get closer, but wind turbines should be
 treated with caution - no one should ever be
encouraged to "hug" a turbine -
they are electricity generators, even if they do not produce
 that much electricity.
See also these  sites

to learn more about accidents

 (including fatalities)caused by wind turbines

Evening, from Marie`s house

In the morning - you cannot tell from the photographs, but one or
other of the turbines was not turning most of the time I was at Bradworthy

from wheelers
From Wheeler`s Cross, four miles away. They looked larger in real
life than in the photograph.

From Marie`s house

on the walk
From near Crimp and Morwenstow - they looked larger from here
than they did from anywhere else, perhaps because of the lie of the land,.