Blackcraig Hill by Dirk Pelly
Blackcraig Hill by Dirk Pelly,
a local artist. Blackcraig is
 close to Craig en Puttock
and threatened by 23 giant
turbines coming- ten miles away
The turbines approaching - these ones, at Moniaive, were just being erected (no blades yet) as I visited here last. They are ten miles away, with many more possible, closer by.

David Bellamy and artists
David Bellamy, Alison Chapman
 and other artists at the first Paint-it-while-its-there Day
 on Blackcraig Hill

wheelie bin
If  Thomas Carlyle lived in
Craig en Puttock today,
 this would be his wheelie
Craig en Puttock
Craig en Puttock
The home of Thomas and Jane Carlyle in Victorian times
(More information and links coming on this page)

Poem on the Scottish parliament wall
A plea to save the wild
places, by Gerald Manley Hopkins, engraved
 (so ironically) on the walls
of the Scottish Parliament
Drawing by John Palmer
A drawing of Milkside, in Dumfriesshireby my great uncle John (Jock) Palmer.
His mother, my great grandmother, may have lived near the Carlyle family at one time

Craig en Puttock

This is a pastel painting (not completed) that
I began after my first visit to Craig en Puttock.
An earlier painting from this view was commisioned by Schiller( who so loved this house and its location) for the cover of a book. The artist then was George Moir, and I am doing a present-day version, which will be completed after this autumn`s walk  in Scotland.
Blackcraig Hill
Blackcraig Hill from New Galloway, by Patricia
McCrow, who died this
I will never forget how she braved the icy winds to
paint on Blackcraig Hill
 at the Paint it Day.