The Salar Gallery

Artists on the walk

Visiting the Salar Gallery

leaving Okehampton 
Walk from Okehampton
to Hatherleigh
Thursday June 1st

No 315 Barnstaple to Exeter

2008/9 update

Brandis Corner (between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh) proposal for 4 x 125m (406ft) turbines)
Hatherleigh Church
About the area

Hatherleigh Market

Ruby County


Sally and Helen 

The people:

Sally and Helen walked with me
2008/9 update

Halwill Junction (between Hatherleigh and Holsworthy):
proposal for 15 x 400ft

high turbines

Iddesleigh Church
Walk from Hatherleigh
 to Dolton
Friday June 2nd

Trees on the road to Jacobstowe
Trees on the road to Jacobstowe
  and link to the Exhibition at
the Queen`s Theatre