Brandis Corner

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March 12th 2009

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February 2009 - turbines would close Yoga centre

An action committee has been formed to fight up to four wind turbines that have been proposed on land about three hundred metres south west of Brandis Corner, a small village not far from Holsworthy.

Also, read more about this on the website of  neighbouring Chilla Moor

When I did the walk in 2006, I passed within about two and a half miles of this site, as I walked from Ashwater to Holsworthy.
As I said often during the walk, the whole of Devon is under threat.
And so is the whole of England (as well as Scotland Wales and Ireland, and everywhere else):

This photo was from the walk, between Ashwater and Holsworthy.
Read this section to get an idea of the unspoilt nature of this area.
There is a mention of climbing a hill on the other side of this valley,
and at the point I was within two or three miles of the Brandis Corner turbine site.