Erwood Craft Centre

Alan Cunningham, owner of the craft centre at Erwood Station, is convinced that rotating industrial structures seen on the sky-lines, wherever visitors to Wales would see them, would be the death-knell of the tourism industry. After so many disasters, and so much uncertainty over the past few years, when tourism has become so significant to the economy of Wales, why do we risk spoiling our finest asset for ourselves, and appreciative visitors. Alan likens the fashion to pour thousands of tons of poisonous concrete into our primary water source, and erect massive industrial monsters on our hills, to the spoiling of the South Wales valleys by steel and coal industries of the industrial revolution. This time, however, we cannot claim to be bringing about a world-leading innovation to industry (especially when most other countries are re-considering the use of wind-power) The only legacy we will have, is a ruined Welsh economy, and the modern equivalent of slag heaps, when they are abandoned to rust, or proved to be a government-sponsored folly.