Crimp, Morwenstow and Meddon

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In the morning, Sue and Pete took me on a tour of their garden. They are both retired teachers and their garden is just as much a work of art as any of the paintings on this website.
They took me round the many little "rooms" they have created in the garden. There are vegetable and fruit sections as well - I couldn`t help wishing I had come in strawberry time.
wild part
They also have a wilder more natural garden, beyond the cultivated one. Some garden flowers had found their way into the wild, like cornflowers for example.  Sue said she didn`t know what she would do if the turbines were built: she didn`t know if she could face staying there. They put so much of their lives into their garden, and the turbines would destroy its serenity.

wild part
pete and sue
Sue and Pete
Pete and Sue
Sue and Pete and their cat.

The turbine site...

More photos will come here.

Thursday May 18:  Walk from Crimp to Buck`s Cross

I left in the morning at about eleven and walked to Buck`s Cross. Despite the forecasts, it turned out to be a beautiful day, and as the walk progresses you can from the photos that there was a sparkle in the air. It was still cool for may though, and I wore my Splash Clothing/Country Guardian Polo shirt all the way, without feeling too hot.
Thwater tower
The photo on the left is looking backwards across the general area that is under threat. The second photo is looking back towards the water tower that was visible from Crimp - it is twenty metres high and you can imagine how much a turbine four times that height would dominate the landscape.
Meddon Cross
Rush hour at Meddon Cross.

Just from looking at the map, I had been looking forward to this walk, and it lived up to expectations. Between Meddon Cross and Wolsery I met one car, and one deer as I walked perhaps five miles of road.
moorland between meddon and harbourcross plantation
This is a charming area of moorland between Meddon and Gorvin Cross

moorland again
Looking through a gate across open moorland

beyond Gorvin cross
A road into a valley, beyond Gorvin Cross
valley beside True plantation
Looking across a valley towards Higher Muddisford

By True Plantation
True Plantation. at the beginning of the hill before Clifford

Near Clifford
View across from the hill below Clifford
Beyond Clifford
Clifford Plantation
Cross Road
An un-named cross road - but seeing Bideford on the signpost felt strange. I was approaching home territory, yet the bustle of Bideford seemed light-years away.

The village of Wolsery. It has quite a number of new houses, but looks a thriving village.
Wolsery Church. I called Rose from her - only two miles to go. She said she would come to meet me.
distant tower
This was a distant view to a water tower.. I don`t suppose it was the same one as before, but the road had many bends, and the distance in a straight line might not be as great.

Rose meeting me
Rose, coming to meet me with one of their dogs.
Rose at work
Rose put me up in her holiday let, a self-contained unit above her studio. She gave me lunch, and I had a bath and a dose on the bed. While I was doing that, Pete and Sue dropped off my baggage, which was again very kind of them. I had run out of tapes so I could not video Rose, but I will return after the walk to do that.
Rose posed for me with an unfinished painting.  Rose, like me is taking part in the Art Trek, a North Devon Festival Open Studio event from June 16- 19. This is a link to her web-page.
September Addition to this page :  see Rose`s Exhibition at the Queen`s Theatre, Barnstaple, September 13th - October 14th
Rose`s studio
Rose`s studio
Rose and I spent some time in her studio, experimenting with some new pastels she had bought. It was good finding time for this - I miss my paints.
That  night I had dinner with Rose, her husband Richard and one of her sons, George, who goes to Bideford College.
We had roast beef, roast potatoes and Yorkshire, followed by a very nice desert, a kind of cheesecake. As I said before, this has been a culinary adventure.
We had a relaxing evening and I went to bed quite early. There was a gale blowing and rain was lashing the roof. I found myself feeling a little apprehensive about the next day`s walk, along the cliffs from Buck`s Mills to Greencliff. I had brought my swimming costume with me, but didn`t think I would feel like a dip in the sea, unless it got a lot hotter.