Hatherleigh Moor
Yes Tor from Hatherleigh Moor, by Christine Lovelock
This is the view I saw, and later painted, during my walk round Devon's Wind Farm sites in 2006. The aim of the walk was to raise awareness of the dangers facing Devon. That aim was accomplished, but sadly no amount of fighting has been able to halt the onslaught of turbines marching across Devon's beautiful countryside. Government Inspectors have in nearly all cases given developers permission to go ahead at Public Inquiries, against the wishes of local MPs, Councils and most of all, local communities.  Now this wonderful view is threatened too, as is the area around Iddesleigh.

Latest news:

WDBC Tavistock Offices, 29th July 2014

The application for a 77m (to blade tip) wind turbine at Heane Farm, Runnon Moor Lane, Hatherleigh went before WDBC P&L Committee yesterday morning and was REFUSED permission.

More about this decision should be on http://www.hatherleigh.net/  soon.

For more information, go to this website:
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A blimp was flown on Saturday June 14 2014 to show the height of the proposed turbine. This photograph, taken from Hatherleigh Moor, at the same viewpoint as the painting above, but looking a little more eastwards, shows how much this one large turbine will impact on one of the most stunning views in the whole of Devon.  The blimp is visible on the skyline, at the highest point of the facing Dartmoor hill.

Moorland Magic by Virginia Pope

Moorland Magic, by Virginia Pope

Virginia Pope who lives in the Hatherleigh area, has sent us this image of one of her paintings, and the following words:

"To lift up your eyes to the hills is a good and restorative human impulse.  The majestic moorland horizon as seen from Hatherleigh and neighbouring areas is under threat from the placing of a proposed wind turbine.  All through time countless people have let their eyes rest on this unique view.  They will turn away from it if busy blades rotate there, and will be the poorer in spirit for this."

You can see more of Virginia's work on her website: