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For general information:
The National Campaign to oppose wind turbines in Britain`s precious landscapes and promote energy conservation.
This is a non profit organisation promoting awareness of the risks and impacts of industrial wind energy developments on our environment, economy and quality-of-life
This is the site set up by Jon Boone, whose paintings can be seen on this website
The European Platform against Wind Farms - a very important site with constantly updated news
Go to this site for news
about the situation in Mid-Wales
The Cambrian Mountains Society
Of special interest on this site are the photo-montages of the proposed
Nant y Moch wind farm site
Caithness Windfarm Information Forum is a great source of information, both about accidents, and the situation in Caithness and Sutherland as well as all the Highlands.
The North American Platform
against wind power
This is another invaluable source of information, among many items of  particular interest are the UK Renewable Energy Data Files

United Kingdom

(mointeach gun Mhuileann, Moors Without Turbines)
Isle of Lewis, fighting 234 Turbines on the Lewis Peatlands, plus another proposal for 133 turbines to South West Galloway and Dumfries, fighting Blackcraig Hill proposal, and Dalmellington (307 turbines to ring around the village) Formed as an Organisation at the June 2002 Perth Conference on Renewable energy, seeking to bring the facts surrounding renewable energy decisions to the Scottish people and their political representatives.

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Against plans to put 27 x 330ft turbines on Skye, on a site 300 metres above sea level and therefore highly visible

This group is fighting a Planning Application for fourteen 115 metre high wind turbines above the Knapdale National Scenic Area, Argyll.
This group was formed by residents of Penicuik, Carlops and Howgate communities to protect Auchencorth Moss near Penicuik from E.ON's proposal to build 18 x 2.5 MW wind turbines.

This would be the fifth and  the most inappropriately sited wind farm in Kintyre. The proposal for 7 x 110m turbines was rejected (March 2007)
A group dedicated to provide support and advice to those concerned about the proposal by EnergieKontor to build a wind farm at Gathercauld between Ceres and Baldinnie and to direct a constructive and informed campaign against this proposal.

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Dunoon wind farm, (map ref NS137776) planned by Infinenergy would consist of eight one hundred meter high turbines, the nearest of which would be 2.5km outside and directly visible from the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park - Scotland's first, and one of only two National Parks. The nearest property is only 900m away and there are also potential Golden Eagle issues.  Go to the Argyllwindfarms website for news about wind farms in Argyll.
Fighting  a proposal to site a windfarm at Druim Ba, on the Blairmore Estate, just over 3km from the Village of Kiltarlity  (not far from Loch Ness). Abriachan is only 2km east of the windfarm and visitors travelling the Great Glen Way will pass right by the turbines.  A map is provided on The Druim Ba Info page.
The proposals include plans for 23 turbines, each of which would be almost 500 feet high (or 149.5m) - some of the largest turbines ever built onshore in this country, each one would be nearly twice as high as the towers that support the Kessock Bridge and almost as high as the towers supporting the Forth Road Bridge!
Aberdeenshire - a group of Aberdeenshire residents concerned about the proliferation of wind farm proposals have set up a website to track the various proposed projects
This is a blog dedicated to the inappropriate industrialisation of our cherished, landscape by industrial wind farms. It also highlights how the planning system is stacked in favour of these developments, and focuses on particular issues surrounding such developments - posting 15 August 2011 features Straid Farm, South Ayrshire

Viking Energy have plans for a 127 turbine wind farm in the centre of the Shetlands. Highlighted on our website on Paul Bloomer's page.
An important group that is organising a Conference on November 11th, go to their website for more information

These are just a few out of many, many protest groups in Scotland.

Conservation of Upland Powys Facebook Page Gower, fighting 50 Turbines on the beautiful Mynydd y Gwair Mountain

Carmarthenshire, fighting 20 - 30 Turbines  on Betws Mountain Ceredigionshire, battle lost and 39 turbines being erected, with more threatened.

A website showing the devastation ahead for Wales - you can hear the sound of a smallish turbine on this site
Brechfa Forest Energy Action Group
Mynydd LLansadwrn Action Group. 
Mynydd Llansadwrn (grid reference SN690350) is part of the spectacular undulating landscape of Carmarthenshire in south Wales.
How to OBJECT to the planning application proposal by SSE November 2011 to construct a windfarm at Nant y Moch in the Cambrian Mountains

There are proposals for hundreds and hundreds more turbines in Wales at the Welsh Assembly, the biggest are 606 ft, close to Snowdonia.

Northern Ireland
West Tyrone Against Wind Turbines are campaigning against plans to build large turbines and wind farms on rural land right across Tyrone, N.Ireland. This site aims to keep local residents up to date on these plans and provide information on why we oppose them.


Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire
 The campaign organisation for the villages surrounding the proposed Windfarm Development by Npower at Nun Wood that will lay across the three counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire and will have an immediate and major impact on the villages of  Bozeat (Northants), Harrold (Beds) and Lavendon (Bucks) along with many smaller villages and communities within the area.

Peel have proposed a 21 turbine wind farm on the Frodsham and Helsby marshes

Two new applications near Carlisle (one for 2 x 100m turbine, one for 1 x 100m turbine) Previous applications were rejected following Public Inquiry in 2009

A proposal to erect 9 wind turbinesat Berrier Hill, Greystoke, near Blencathra, one of the most famous fells in Lakeland. It would have a disastrous effect on the National Park.


Proposal for six 126m high Wind Turbines Harbourcross, Meddon.

Proposal for 6 x 86m turbines at Wheeler's Cross, between Bradworthy and West Putford.
North Tawton , Bow and Spreyton, Mid Devon, fighting  huge turbines on the doorstep of Dartmoor National Park.
Feb 12th 2007. The developers appeal has been upheld.  But the fight goes on ...
July 31st 2008:  go to their website for the latest news of their magnificent struggle.
2011 - battle finally lost but important conditions imposed. Fighting six different possible wind farms in the Two Moors Way area near Exmoor (you can see both Dartmoor and Exmoor from this range of hills)
2011 update - permission refused by Devon District Council.
Set up inJuly 2008) this website is about the possibility of 15 x 400ft plus high turbines near Halwill Junction, between Holsworthy and Hatherleigh.
There is also another proposal, for 4 similar sized turbines, very close by at Brandis Corner.

Website for Parkham  not working at present, this page has some details about Parkham
Fighting 4  x 400ft turbines at Brandis Corner near Holsworthy

Details of Proposal near Fremington
Threatened proposal of 3 x 400ft turbines overlooking Taw Estuary, opposite Fullabrook and, like Fullabrook, visible from Braunton Burrows

Slay the Array
The Atlantic Array - This massive off shore wind farm would impact on all of the North Devon Coast, Lundy, and South Wales including the Gower Peninsula.

Summermoor site, next to Furze, Stowford and Cobbaton
Proposal for 9 turbines near Chittlehampton (between Barnstaple and South Molton). No more information for now.

Pilliven Farm
Proposal for 4 x 100m turbines near Witheridge... more information needed.
A group of local residents in the Harberton and Harbertonford area who believe that the proposal by TRESOC (Totnes renewable energy society) for wind turbines at Luscombe Cross is unacceptable and should be opposed. They are also concerned about the possible spread of such applications in the South Hams.

Hollow Panson Wind Farm
A proposal for 7 x 126.5 m (415 ft) high turbines to be built at Hollow Panson, close to Clawton and Virginstow, in a beautiful part of South West Devon.
These turbines would be 65 ft higher than the Fullabrook turbines which are causing nearby residents health problems.
Information here:
and here (the developers)
Dorset Dorset, won their present battle to protect Winterbourne Valley North Dorset, close to Shaftesbury and Gillingham, and Cranborne Chase, fighting six giant wind turbines in the beautiful Blackmore Vale area... what would Thomas Hardy have thought about this?

Jurassic Coast
No group as yet but this will have a devastating affect on this geological World Heritage site.
Link to article:

This group is dedicated to the protection of the countryside around the village of Bradwell & Tillinghamin, in Essex, and in particular to the campaign to prevent the construction of one of the largest onshore wind-farms in the UK on the marshes between Bradwell and the village of Tillingham.  You can hear the sound of turbines on their site.

A site set up to object to 4 x 120m high turbines at just 1km from an AONB and village  conservation area in the Berkeley Vale Gloucestershire.

Kent Kentish Weald Action Group - against wind turbines in rural Kent.
This group is fighting a proposal for a 125m turbine in the Teise Valley, right on the banks of the River Teise. Go to their website to see photomontages, and more about this threat to rural Kent.

Kent is already being industrialised at Romney Marsh, see this page on the FLAT (Fenland against turbines website)

Oswaldtwistle Moor is threatened by a proposal for twelve 120m high turbines.

Norfolk Concerning a proposal for 26 turbines in the Fenland landscape

North Pennines
Proposal by Community Windpower Ltd to build 12 x 125m(410ft) tubines on Stainmore within the North Pennines AONB.
The wild and beautiful open spaces of the North Pennines are under threat from a proposed wind factory on Stainmore. A company called “Community Windpower Ltd” based in Cheshire is proposing to build a wind factory consisting of at least 12 x 125 metre (410 feet) wind turbines in South Stainmore  within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty—if permission were granted to build a wind factory here no AONB or National Park in the whole country would be safe. The floodgates would be opened.

Northumberland Covering also North East England and South East Scotland, with very good maps, information, etc.

Renewable energy firm Regeneco has put forward a planning application for a measuring mast as a precursor to an application for an eight-turbine wind farm between Shotteswell, Mollington and Hanwell.

Broadview Energy would like to put up to six 140m turbines on land near the village of Rooksbridge. EDF Energy and Ecotricity  are planning to build 5 & 4 massive wind turbines respectively on the Somerset levels. The plans are to put the 400 foot high industrial power generators on land surrounded by East Huntspill, West Huntspill, Woolavington, Puriton and Pawlett. 5 wind turbines by EDF east of the M5 and 4 by EcoTricity west of the M5.

Staffordshire Bleakhouse Wind Farm Action Group, recently set up to oppose 3 x 102m turbines  in Staffordshire. They have an interesting forum on their site.
There is also a group fighting turbines at Abbots Bromley, not too far away.

Suffolk Great  Glemham, Marlesford and Parham, Suffolk, fighting 6 turbines, 331ft (110m) high, six times the height of the Parish Church at Great Glemham (which they would overlook)

Say No to the Starbold Wind farm. A  group of concerned residents in the immediate vicinity of a proposed wind turbine site near Knightcote, Warwickshire.

Priors Hardwick and Wormleighton
See this page on our website:

Fighting a proposal to put three x 120m high giant turbines at the Honda Works, Stratton St. Margaret, Swindon, near the homes of 5000 people.
This group have produced an excellent video, which can be seen on YouTube:

No to Wolds Windfarm Group, protecting the Yorkshire Wolds and Heritage Coast
A proposal for 10 wind turbines in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds above East Heslerton
The campaign to stop a wind farm on Saddlleworth Moor in the Pennines (Yorkshire and Greater Manchester)

Roscommon.  Sliabh Bán is one of the outstanding landmarks of Ireland. But it is under threat. Coillte proposes to install on it twenty wind turbines of which at least half will be 131 metres - half the total height of the mountain and ten metres taller than the Dublin Spire.

Sliabh Bán is one of the outstanding landmarks of Ireland. But it is un
A planning application has been lodged for four very large turbines, a wind monitoring mast and ancillary buildings on private land adjacent Tomduff Hill in the beautiful Blackstairs Mountains in County Carlow, Ireland.
Glenties Windfarm Information Group.  The site dedicated to providing information regarding the proposed wind farm at Straboy, Glenties, Co Donegal.

And the Rest of the World -

we are all in this together, we all care about our landscapes,
our wildernesses, our wildlife, our homes, our Earth.


Marion Chapman's page See this page for more information about wind farms in Southern Victoria and also The Barrier Ranges

This link may be helpful, the correct one will be added when available:
Provides information about the proposed Stockyard Hill Wind Farm - a massive development of 282 turbines covering 250 sqkms of beautiful volcanic landscape. Painted by many well known landscape artists such as Von Guerard and Duncan Elphinstone Cooper.

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Between 14 and 40 wind turbines are proposed near the Tara Bulga National Park

Canada A Coalition of 57 Grassroots Citizen’s Groups from Across 34 Counties/Districts in Ontario


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France See at top of page

A link to the website of one of the French signatories on the EPAW website

This excellent website is very useful also to those who do not speak German as it offers an easy translator.
If you were under the misapprehension that people in Germany did not protest against wind turbines, watch the videos!

New Zealand Fighting plans to transform spectacular, lonely landscapes into large industrial wind estates ( with 276 turbines, some 160 metres high, requiring also the construction of 200 km of roads and the bulldozing and dispersal of 3.6 million cubic metres across presently unspoiled slopes and gullies)  Central Otago.

Poland No links yet but see this shocking  map on Epaw:.

Spain Mark Duchamp`s site, of special interest to anyone interested in birds.

USA A community in the Mojave Desert is fighting a commercial wind farm project that would ruin the desert wilderness. Link sent to us by a composer.

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Protecting mountain ridges in Vermont, New England

Protecting farmland, mountains, and wilderness in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, and throughout the northeastern United States.
Vermont, New England.  People from Lenox and the surrounding communities concerned about the plan being considered by the Town of Lenox to install industrial  21 x  459 ft high wind turbines atop Lenox Mountain.

Only 3% of the Tallgrass Prairie remains in the USA, but developers want to erect 1000 turbines on the ridges of these hills where wild mustangs and coyotes still roam.

Fighting 27 x 330ft turbines along the ridgeline of the Glebe Mountains, this group is putting on a Photography Exhibition by an award winning photographer.

Protect Our West Texas Landscape is an organization of people who care about the preservation of the heritage and landscape of scenic areas of West Texas. It`s members live just south of Abilene, Texas in a scenic area of Taylor County that stretches from the city of Buffalo Gap, Texas to just west of historic Coronado’s Camp along State highway 89.

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New York State - an interesting site with information about turbine accidents, etc

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North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance - another interesting site, from Texas, with many useful links to research, etc Group in North Carolina, fighting to save the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have a good gallery of photos and section on environmental impact.

We are in contact with many other groups that do not have websites at present.
contact me if you would like a link on this page