Views from Codden Hill April 20th 2011

These photographs were taken on a hazy day, you can see the same views on a clear day at this page made in 2009.

wind turbines
To the north:  standing not far from the memorial to Caroline Thorpe.
This photograph has had the contrast adjusted as it was a very bright and hazy morning.  I also used a zoom, but make no mistake, the first two turbines that have been erected were clearly visible from this spot on Codden Hill.  I have to say that I did not expect these turbines to look so large. They are sited up at the northern edge of the site, towards Ilfracombe, almost 8 miles away as the crow flies.

wind turbines
To the south, from the same position.
This is the view towards Great Torrington, and the Darracott turbines. They are dwarfed by the radio mast on their left in the photograph (400ft?) but although it is not apparent they are about a mile further behind it, on lower ground. They are also about 100ft smaller than the Fullabrook turbines.
Incidentally, because of the haze, Braunton Burrows and Baggy Point were not visible from this point on this day.  These photographs were taken during a walk to and from Bradiford to Codden Hill, but the in the hazy conditions there was no point in taking anymore.